Monday, December 08, 2014

Always and Forever

"Always and Forever"

Let's keep it real
Sure, we met on a Tuesday
We hit it off
And I meant it that night
That I looked you in the eye and told you I loved you
You know I wasn't kidding, and you're right I agree
Our thing is breaking down, right now it's hard between you and me
But you're overdramatizing if you're saying that you're
The one who doesn't feel welcome anymore
I'll tell you what happened
Things are never perfect
You're still the one I adore...

Why stare at the phone...
Why can't you call me?
Are your buttons broke?
When you say you feel low
You come off as needy
Passive aggressive
With no boundaries...
What's with the weather report?
If you knew how to use your phone, you could've called your super
As soon as the roof started leaking, before things got so out of hand.
What, are you still waiting for him to call?
Are you mad at HIM, too?!
If things seem wrong
When I'm here
and when I'm gone
It's just that when I said "always and forever"
I didn't realize that you thought it meant never
Taking responsibility.

There's two of us
We've both made mistakes
But when you come across like this
What the hell can I say?
I admit it, sometimes I'm moody
You can sometimes say so much
It smothers me
I need air
Sure, look into my eyes
And learn how to communicate appropriately
We haven't really dated that long
You take so much for granted
You guessed you knew me but you're right you don't
We've hit some bumps but we could build this back up
I can't predict the future so neither of us
Knows where this is going.

I did mean it baby
You can take it to the bank
Ease up, baby ease up
I still remember our thing
Ease up, baby ease up
There's a lot to work out
You're too obsessed with a ring
It's too soon for that
We need to learn to talk it out
Without resorting to a scream or a shout!

Ease up, baby, ease up
I still remember our thing
Ease up, baby ease up