Tuesday, December 09, 2014

All For

"All For"

Before "dating"
When we'd all just hang out
You were the leader
The one to bring us all in
I remember the first time you convinced us all to fall in
You had charm, you were Second to None
You said, "One for All,"
And to our surprise we all said, "All for One!"

We all came together
like some super group
Movies, dinners, picnics, skating at the park
We were on an upward trajectory, a hell of an arc
We built a family, friends forever!
We promised to stay with you, leaving you never.
You said, "One for All,"
And as a group we said, "All for Fun!"

But all things come to an end.
Some moved way, some drifted, each old friend
Some spark left, it was never the same.
But I cherish the memories, still remember your name
You gave it your everything
But people kept leaving
You said, "One for All,"
And you said, "All for..." But we were done.