Wednesday, December 24, 2014


"5x7" #JSLAY

A 5x7 index card gives me plenty of room to say lots
Twice as much space if I use two
Unfortunately I'm only able to fill this one up with dots
I guess it's clear I just don't have that much to say to you

You were great -- you were super nice
You were easy on the eyes --
I'd look you over eagerly once or twice
And you've always been willing to believe my lies.

What went wrong?
What went down?
I can't put it in a song
Easier to just leave town.

But I guess you wouldn't want me to give up so quick
So here's another verse -- another clever trick
Though now this verse is nearly done
I've really said nothing new since verse one!

You're a great girl -- you really deserve better
A guy with things to say -- who can fill a letter
I'm just not the one -- not your blue sky heaven
I hope one day you'll find a guy who can cover an 8 and a half x 11.