Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wear Your Safety Helmet

My goals for the #TaylorSpliffed Project are to add 5 elements I'd like to experience more in the works of Ms. Swift:
1) humor;
2) subtext;
3) obscenity;
4) gratuitous drug references;
5) concern for social justice.

Anyway, here's:

"Wear Your Safety Helmet" (abandoned)

I hate your stupid voice
I hate your stupid texts
I realize that everything about you
Gets on my nerves

I hate the way you try to steal my focus
I'm giving you the finger but you don't even notice
I cover my ears but all I can think is
We'll never be together
Every time you mumble, I laugh
And every time you stumble, I'll laugh at you!

Whoa, Ease up there, hoss,
You don't tell me what to do
You're not my boss
If you're gonna jump
then wear a safety helmet
Don't expect me to
Lift a finger to help you
So I'm gonna say through it all
Wear your safety helmet

Well, I hate the way your hair falls on your stupid face
You're like a disease to me
I hate each zit on your face, oh
I've never been so annoyed, I think it's funny
I hate the way you're everything I ever wanted!

I wake in the middle of the night
I think I've been screaming
It's a nightmare, darling,
I know I wasn't dreaming.
You got a paper cut
I wasn't there to save you
Wear your safety helmet, baby
I couldn't bear not being there to save you!

I'll say it now so I can't take it back
Stay back, baby, just, baby, stay back
Wear your safety helmet, don't count on me
'Cause if I ever fail you, baby,
It's all over for me!

Whoa, oh, I'm fearing for you baby
I'm too afraid to
Let you fall
Don't fall on me
Always be safe, never wanna fail you
Say that you'll be careful for me, ooh
Wear that safety helmet
Stay safe for me, dammit